Photography in Business: Unveiling the Impact with Key Statistics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this adage holds true in the marketing realm. High-quality and eye-catching images have the power to immediately capture the attention of your audience - or lose them.

When potential customers visit your website or social media profiles, the first thing they encounter is the visual content. Impressions are formed within seconds, and professional photography can make a significant difference in how your business is perceived.

People are wired to value images

  • 2/3 people say they are visual learners
  • Adding an image can improve recall by up to 65%
  • 67% of consumers say that the quality of an image is crucial in purchasing a product
  • 50% of online shoppers say, large, high-quality product images are more important than product information, descriptions, or even reviews
  • 60% of consumers say that they're more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image appear in local search results
  • Articles with relevant images have a 94% higher likelihood of being viewed
  • On Meta, images received 352% more engagement than links
  • A study tested a photo of a real client against a top-performing stock photo, resulting in 35% more customers responding to the real image

In property, professional images sell

  • Listings with professional photography sell 32% faster
  • On average, homes with professional photography sell for 9% more money
  • 68% of clients say that quality photos made them want to visit the property
  • Homes listed with more than 20 photos spend 32 days less on the market
  • Sellers feel 43% more satisfied with their realtor if they have professional photos
  • Professional photos result in a 1,200% increase in social shares
  • The average ROI on professional real estate photography is 826%

In conclusion, photography is an essential tool for businesses across industries, and can make all the difference in capturing attention, and driving desirable outcomes. In a competitive marketplace where first impressions matter, harnessing the power of professional photography is not just a recommendation; it's a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to thrive and succeed in a visually-driven world.

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